August 2016

August 22 is the publication date for Unknown Caller.


An interview with Debra and her artist/husband Garry Mitchell by Lisa Belisle of Love+Maine+Radio is available here,

Nice write up of the back-story to Unknown Caller in The Boston Globe:


Fun mention at 13:00 minute mark at “All the Books” on BookRiot!



Portland Press Herald


Unknown Caller included on recommended reading lists:

43 Books to Read Right Now

May 2016

Debra Spark and her husband, Garry Mitchell, will be guests on an upcoming episode of Lisa Belisle’s Love Maine Radio

Engine Books is reissuing Debra Spark’s debut novel, Coconuts for the Saint, along with beloved titles by Lee K. Abbott and Patricia Henley.

Debra Spark’s novel Unknown Caller has been selected by series editor Michael Griffith as the fall pick for Lousiana State University’s Yellow Shoe Fiction Series.

46: A Journal

46: A Journal
Narrative Magazine

Here’s what I forgot this week: The name of one of my favorite students, the name of that Carol Shields book I love, the name of that Willa Cather novel I love, the details of a story I read, just two days after I read it. This last failure was a real problem; I forgot the details while I was meeting with the student-author to discuss the story.