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The World’s Greatest Art Fair

Elysian • Summer 2019

“If you are interested in collecting contemporary art on any level, you have to visit Basel,” according to Mary Sabbatino, the Vice President and Partner of Manhattan’s prestigious Gallerie LeLong & Co.

The Power of the Lens

Elysian • Summer 2019

Six years ago, Leeh Ann Hidalgo was not exactly happy. And why should she be? In 2012, she’d moved to Hong Kong from the Philippines to take a job as a domestic worker.

Making Migration Visible in Maine

Decor Maine • September 2018

You know how sometimes an entire college campus or town will read the same book? When they do, sometimes ancillary programming addresses the issue (often there is an issue) emerging from the pages. It’s rarely “just” a literary conversation.

String Theory

New England Home/CT • Fall 2018

The class assignment was to make something woven in multiples with an inexpensive material. Susan Beallor-Snyder thought she’d trap a Barbie doll in a sphere of willow. She meant it as a metaphor for herself: at this point in her life, in 2011, she was a woman who felt artistically hampered by her outwardly enviable existence as the wife of an entertainment executive and mother of two children.