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Hillside Story

Old Port Magazine • May 2017
Fred Williams has gotten used to vertical living. For most of his many years in the Portland area, Williams lived in conventionally configured spaces—a passive-solar house he built in Gray, a condo on Chandlers Wharf in Portland, and a townhouse in North Deering. Now he lives in a five-story townhouse, one of 29 units in Munjoy Heights, an eco-friendly, passive-solar project developed by Redfern Properties, built by Wright-Ryan Construction, and designed by Ryan Senatore Architecture.

Exuberant Zen

Old Port Magazine • April 2017
Before Alex Fisher met his wife, Brianne, he was an aficionado of pop art. He collected old advertisements, computer games, and pinball machines. “There were lots of lights and color,” Alex says of his home decor.

Kitchen with a View

Old Port Magazine • March 2017
Last summer when the hydrangeas were dressed in their best colors for the final days of summer, John Golden, a real estate broker and food writer with careers in Maine and New York, held a party in his tenth-floor apartment. This was at Back Bay Tower, a 16-story building in Bayside, where Golden rented a three-bedroom apartment with a great room and galley kitchen. Before that he owned a Georgian colonial in the West End, and before that a pied-à-terre on Chandlers Wharf.

Portland Pied-à-Terre

Old Port Magazine • January/February 2017
In decades past, people didn’t come to Maine for its urban charms, The shorefront, the mountains, the lakes—those were the draws. But with Portland booming, Kathy Meyer and Harvey Yaverbaum, who live in rural Connecticut, appreciate Maine for its city life. The couple has a blended family, which includes Yaverbaum’s youngest child—a former preschool teacher who lives in North Yarmouth with her telecommuting husband and two children–and Meyer’s older son—a physician with Maine Medical Center, who lives in South Freeport with his interior designer wife and two children.