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Ageless Maine • July 2018
If you caught last year’s movie Lady Bird, you likely took in some bad news about aging in the workplace. One of the titular character’s parents is highly skilled, unemployed, and not making any headway in his job search due to ageism. He loses one job to his own (quite handsome) son, whose sole work experience is as a supermarket checkout clerk.

Strong Bodies Long Lives

Ageless Maine • May 2018
My father had terrible osteoporosis before he died, once breaking ribs simply by turning over in bed. The disease runs on my mother’s side as well, so of course I knew I should strength train, the benefits are so widely touted. Muscle mass starts declining in one’s 30s.

A Place of their Own

Ageless Maine • May 2018
Sharon Cleaves loved her house in Windham. “I built it myself. I am talking hammer and nails,” she says, miming the activity.

The Hardest Job They’ve Ever Loved

Ageless Maine • March 2018
When those we love need help or struggle with health problems, we want to do everything, be everywhere, afford all. We want to address their needs by offering love and practical assistance, along with all the comforts of home. There are obvious challenges to realizing our desires, however.