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Career Pivots

Yale Alumni Magazine • Jan/Feb 2022

The pandemic gave us a gift. Well, of sorts.

French Accent Marks: A Beginner Offers a Primer • Nov 2021

For me, an American with a unique lack of talent for learning languages, the five French accent marks (also referred to as the diacritics) can be confusing.


Elysian • April 2020

In the art world, women are trying to correct the canon. In business, break the glass ceiling.

If You Gild It, They Will Come

Yankee • November/December 2018

It’s late November, and you’re feeling festive. You’re the kind of person who likes guests, so your thoughts turn to Christmas decorations.

The Rise of Commercial Real Estate in Portland

Maine Magazine • November 2014

These days, when I visit Portland, I find myself wondering, “When did that get there?” New hotels in the Old Port, townhouses on Munjoy Hill, shops where there once were empty storefronts on Exchange Street, a gussied-up Eastland now transformed into a Westin.

Recent, New, and Forthcoming: The Latest from Maine Writers

Maine Magazine • January/February 2011

Does Maine have a special appeal for writers?

Fairy-tale Cottage

Yankee • September 2003

When Edward Libitzki first thought he might buy St. James-in-the-Woods, a former Episcopal chapel, and turn it into a home, he called his friend Rick Burne, an architectural engineer.

Where It Snowed in July

Yankee • July 1998

When I drive from my home in mid-Maine to the coast, I pass a dilapidated chicken barn that never fails to affect me.