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Maverick Caretaker

Maine Women Magazine • July 2019

Most artists make art, and no matter how devoted, all-consuming, or even obsessive, that is the end of the matter. A few rare others seem to be art, their very lives a creation, everything a surprise, from where they live, to how they live, to what they do. Pamela Moulton takes things one step even further.

Music in the Making

Maine Home+Design • April 2015

Philanthropist Dan Crewe’s life has been one of enormous highs and lows. If you’re not particularly plugged in to the music world, you might not think you know about the highs. But you do—or at least you’ve heard their results.

Air & Light

Maine Home+Design • January 2013

As a girl, Anna Brelsford McCoy—Anna B. to all who know her—was enchanted with Arthur Rackham’s illustrations for Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

Wonders in Wood

Maine Home+Design • January 2013

It’s noisy on the day I visit Jula and Paul Sampson at A.E. Sampson and Son’s shop in Warren.


Maine Home+Design • May 2012

Something is happening in the Kennebunks. People are moving here. Building here. Opening businesses here. Tim Harrington is not surprised. These small towns have always had heart.

A Gifted Educator

Maine Home+Design • April 2012

Half the fun of visiting George Smith’s 1890s home in Portland’s West End is seeing all his art. The other half is hearing about all his art.

From the Ground Up

Maine Home+Design • December 2011

What do you call artists who make beautiful landscapes that also double as deeper physical experiences? Landscape architect Todd Richardson will tell you.

Will Winkelman

Maine Home+Design • December 2010

Will Winkelman’s architecture career began twenty-five years ago with his first post-college job, working on hospital design in San Francisco.

A Family Affair

Maine Home+Design • August 2009

When Ariana Fischer-Gregg was 22, she took the Johnson O’Connor aptitude test. Her credentials were in order—her years at boarding school and Boston University behind her—but what were her natural talents? “High aesthetics,” she remembers the test concluding.

Wrestling with Style

Maine Home+Design • June 2009

If Rob and Annette Elowitch were words, they would be an oxymoron. If statements, a paradox. As it stands, they are merely unexpected: art dealers by day, a professional wrestler and his concerned (“I don’t want to see him get hurt”) wife by night.

Hail to the Chief

Maine Home+Design • March 2009

Birthdays can be daunting, and birthday celebrations can be more so, leaving a “What now?” feeling in their aftermath. Rockland’s Farnsworth Art Museum turned 60 last year, and the occasion—along with the arrival of Michael Komanecky, the new chief curator—provided a chance to reflect on the museum’s history and put some of the 13,000 pieces in its permanent collection on display.